Albany Engineering (now Albany Growth) launches: a new recruitment business focused on scaling product and engineering teams.

I started the company along with James Goodrich and Henry Draper back in April, as a result of requests from their network asking for help building C-suite minus 2.

Being part of Albany and being able to ‘road-test’ our business has been instrumental in identifying the company we are, and the company we will become. It’s no secret the recruitment market is a crowded space, so we wanted to embody what our clients do and make sure we built a product that would solve problems. 

It’s not very often you have clients who trust an organisation enough that they’ll commit to exclusively work with a brand-new business and a stranger. However, this is exactly what has happened over the last few weeks and we’re entirely grateful to these people for seeing value in Albany Engineering.

The backstory – Albany Partners are Europe’s leading search firm who do knowledge and network exceptionally well. They have placed 250+ CTO hires across Europe into high growth tech firms backed by PE and VC investors.

Having spent over a decade in contingent recruitment I was aware of the challenges and fragmented parts. Disclaimer, I am not referencing poor or unprofessional behaviours, I’m referring to the recruitment mechanisms that are often set up by companies for recruiters.

We’ve not reinvented the wheel, or are dressing up recruitment to be anything other than that, we’ve just reduced the bottle necks by asking companies to think differently about how and when they hire.

We are community and people first. If you’re a software engineer or product manager and want to align yourself with a recruitment business whose philosophy is focused on finding people for companies, not jobs they can do, let’s speak or meet.

Please keep an eye out for our first ‘Know your O’ meet-up, and visit our website for more information.

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