We are passionate supporters of early-stage tech firms.

Our Solution.

High growth companies often need employees at the heart of their engine with the knowledge and passion to help fuel success. So, like a search firm, at Albany Growth we align ourselves to the client’s business objectives to understand the roadmap and the hiring requirements over the short, medium and the long term. This enables stage appropriate and sustainable hiring.

I love the Albany team - the best product recruiters in town! They helped us get our best product leaders when our existing product organisation was too immature to attract a world-class talent. Special thanks to Max Flint whose relentless focus greatly speeded up our hiring process.

Max Faldin

Market Knowledge.

We are a spin-off from Albany Partners, the CTO and CPO executive search firm. Their network often expressed the same desire— to find a recruitment partner that would help them grow high-performing teams equipped to execute their ambitious roadmaps after landing in a new leadership role, but with the functional specialism, executive search precision and level of care that Albany Partners is known for


We are the first to understand the micro and macro economies that drive the labour market.

The success of senior leaders is determined by the capabilities, motivations and diversity of the teams that they build. Albany Growth was created to address this pain point. We curate elite teams that drive innovation. After careful consideration, we have crafted a unique approach that combines the best of executive search precision with the agility required to meet the hiring needs of growth tech companies.