Alex Long, VP Product at Alena

The Opportunity

Alena, an early-stage mental health app startup, were on a mission to transform the way individuals manage their mental wellbeing. To achieve their ambitious goals, they needed for a highly skilled VP of Product to drive their growth and innovation. Albany Growth, partnered with Alena to help find them a stage-appropriate Product Leader.

The Process

Albany Growth embarked on an extensive search to identify a VP Product with a proven ability to scale early-stage startups. After several interviews, Albany Growth compiled a long-list of qualified candidates. Among them was Alex Long, a Head of Product with an impressive background. Alex had previously held Product Leadership roles at Paxos and Bloom & Wild, where he successfully led product development and contributed to the growth of each company.

The Outcome

Albany Growth presented Alex Long as a strong contender to Alena, highlighting his extensive experience and track record of driving product innovation and growth VC-backed start-ups. Recognising Alex’s expertise and alignment with Alena’s vision, Alena brought Alex on board as their VP of Product.
Alex’s appointment proved instrumental in Alena’s growth journey. With his deep understanding of the industry and proven leadership skills, Alex successfully guides the product team, fostering innovation and driving the development of impactful features.