Thomas Bradley, Senior Frontend Developer at Moonfire

Case Study

Moonfire Ventures partnership for Hiring a Senior Frontend Developer

We collaborated with Moonfire in their search for their new Senior Frontend Developer. Moonfire are an early-stage VC firm, leverages software, data, and machine learning to optimise and expedite the venture capital lifecycle. What sets Moonfire apart is their exceptional utilisation of software, data and machine learning to enhance the entire venture capital process.

The Role

Moonfire sought a Senior Frontend Developer proficient in React, TypeScript, Next.js and Tailwind. They required someone with a profound understanding of user experience design principles, capable of translating intricate concepts into intuitive interfaces. The ideal candidate had to possess experience working in small, cross-functional teams and be comfortable assuming end-to-end project ownership.

The Process

Our initial task involved mapping the UK market across various segments:

  • Unicorns (startups valued over $1 billion)
  • Fintech companies
  • Candidates with over 10+ years of React & Next.JS experience
  • Top universities offering Computer Science degrees
  • Working closely with Moonfire, we developed a dedicated webpage to share with potential candidates. The webpage provided comprehensive information about Moonfire, the role, the desired candidate profile, the interview process and the product. We recommended including a short video featuring one of their partners and senior developers discussing their expectations for the hire.

    Following a meeting with Moonfire, we agreed to increase the salary offer and expand our market mapping to include candidates.
    Albany Growth initiated a campaign, sharing detailed information about our contact and highlighting the reasons why Moonfire would be an appealing opportunity. Each candidate underwent an interview, tailored with specific questions to assess their suitability. During our discussions, we came across Thomas Bradley, an impressive candidate with a remarkable background. Thomas had previously worked as a Senior Frontend Developer at Hopin, Babylon Health and Betway Group.

    The Outcome

    Albany Growth presented Thomas Bradley as a candidate to Moonfire, emphasising his extensive experience and track record in developing exceptional web applications. Recognising Thomas’s alignment with Moonfire’s vision, Moonfire welcomed him as their new Senior Frontend Developer.